Sunday, November 2, 2014

Amazon taps into the voice of the Mom

We all know that moms make the bulk of the purchasing decisions and this has not been missed by retailers. Amazon has been tapping into the Mom Voice more than ever this year. Their Facebook page and social media page on their own site draw in moms by offering them a chance to win various products. And it seems to be working so well that Amazon made it official with Mom picks 2014.

READ a full article about the Amazon Mom voice from the

If you go to Amazon you can join the Mom Club which appears to be a Mom version of Amazon prime. But if the convenience of having a diaper club subscription is important to you then this could be a good deal.

Check out the Amazon Moms Club - what do you think? Is this a good deal for moms or not?

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Yes, we have a voice.

Let's be heard! 

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